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Author of Scottish Highland Historicals with a Paranormal Twist
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If you're a fan of history, are intrigued by Scotland, Highlanders, and the paranormal, and if you enjoy a touch of humor with your romance, you’ll find it all within the pages of my award-winning novels. 

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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me:

I’d love to meet the Long Island Medium.

I won’t cook liver.

Since marrying, I’ve moved 27 times.

Seriously shiny, tricked-out Peterbilt 18 wheelers make me smile.

I get giddy harvesting veggies from my garden.

I vacuum every day.

Dirty baseboards and light switch plates drive me crazy.

You’ll find real butter in my refrigerator.

I wake happy and chatty…which drives the Scot insane. ☺

I worry about the weather…a lot.

Swimming makes me happy, jogging does not.

I’m named after my mother’s beloved childhood pet, a buff-colored Cocker Spaniel.

I’ve fallen in love with every hero I’ve written.

I’ll straighten a crooked picture no matter where I am.

I think Texas Big Hair should make a comeback. My hips will look smaller.

I love Zippo’s Special pizza, hold the peppers.

My go-to-comfort foods are chocolate turtles and chicken noodle soup.

I love bright colors.

I don’t have a maid or assistant, although I’d love to have both.

Computers and high-tech cell phones intimidate me.

Once upon a time I was “too sexy for my clothes,” but alas…

I gave birth to big healthy twins in 50 minutes flat, start to finish.

I love blue eyes.

I hold the record for killing houseplants.

I don’t color my hair. I earned every gray strand.