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TALES FOR THE CAVE #5: Box sets: To buy or not to buy, that


Yesterday a reader, responding to a question about whether or not they’d buy The Perfect 10 box set, wrote, “I probably won’t. I don’t recognize any of these authors.

Seriously?  Ugh! Putting my fragile ego aside, I responded, “You might be pleasantly surprised.” 

Here are four more reasons for her taking the leap of faith.


First, box-sets save avid readers loads of money. Sets often contain multiple full-length novels, which are priced to sell and sell quickly, the prices ranging from $0.99 to $3.99. Why? Authors want to introduce their work to new readers.


You can find sets containing a single genre (i.e. Mainstream mysteries.) You can find sets containing a mix. The Perfect 10, for example, not only contains Romance, but mainstream mystery, suspense, paranormal, and futuristic tales.


Second, you might find a new favorite author writing in your favorite genre.


Let’s face it, most of our favorite authors are only releasing one to two books per year, which we frequently devour in one sitting. This leaves us starving for more. Yes, there are new authors coming forward every week, but few of us have the funds to discover them at full price. Boxed sets are a great way to discover new authors within your favorite genre without busting the bank.


Third, readers often discover a favorite new genre. Never having read a futuristic romance, you might hesitate to pay $4.99 for a single book to find out if futuristic romance is right for you, but for $0.10-$0.50 - the cost of a single book within a mixed-genre set - you take a chance. If you love the new genre, you got a bargain. If you didn’t, you’ve spent only pennies and can shake it off as a lesson learned. 


Fourth, you can load your Kindle, Nook, or I-Pad with weeks of reading in just seconds and can now get to the good stuff and begin reading immediately.


Truthfully, I only visit my Kindle’s “shop” when I have a specific book in mind, because I hate scrolling through pages of titles. Yes, it might be a list of “Today’s Bestsellers,” but I don’t have time to waste clicking on what appears to be a promising title, only to discover I selected  a new weight-loss book or, worse yet,  an ode to the much-maligned pigeon. ( Aye, seriously, it happened. )


So, that’s my take on boxed sets and why I was thrilled to be invited to join The Perfect 10 project.


How do you feel about them? 

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1. Sandy Blair | August 24, 2013 at 06:27 AM EDT


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