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“Blair’s latest will sweep readers back in time to medieval Scotland, a world of court intrigue and undeniable passion.“ Rating: 4 Stars.  ~RT Book Reviews

“The King’s Mistress is a historical with a touch of modernity, has a great action plot and two interesting characters who would give their lives for each other.”
Rating: 4 Ribbons  ~Romance Junkies

“This is a wonderfully written and very romantic story.”  Rating: A+  
~The Good, The Bad and The Unread

“In her first effort for Samhain, Blair uses historical events from 13th century Scotland as the backdrop for a solid, if not stellar effort.”   ~Library Journal

“The King’s Mistress is a wonderful story of mistaken identity, chivalry, and the power of attraction. Blair uses a classic history plot and throws in twists and turns that are unexpected. The power of the leading man takes your breath away and leaves you craving another scene. I would suggest this story to any historical fiction lover.” ~Fresh Fiction

“This is a phenomenal read that lovers of historical Scottish romances will love. I highly recommend The King’s Mistress.” ~Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

“Wonderfully written, loved every moment of The King’s Mistress.”
~Single Titles, we love fiction

“Sandy Blair shows once again that she is the queen of Scottish romance. The King’s Mistress is an entertaining tapestry of intrigue, humor, and heart-rending emotion that will stay with the reader long after she turns the final page. Unforgettable!”
~Lorraine Heath, New York Times bestselling author of Waking Up With the Duke

“Heartwarming historical romance at its best. Blair captures you on page one and doesn’t let go until happily-ever-after!”
~New York Times Bestselling author, Janet Chapman

“Award-winning author Sandy Blair, with her talent for historical accuracy and keen sense of the time and place, has written a very intriguing and captivating story that is sure to please her current historical romance fans and will garner her many more new ones.”  ~Fresh Fi
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"A Highlander for Christmas is a sizzlingly sexy time-travel romance generously spiced with Sandy Blair's delectably sharp sense of wit."
—Chicago Tribune

"A Highlander for Christmas is a sizzlingly sexy time-travel romance generously spiced with Sandy Blair's delectably sharp sense of wit."
—Publishers Weekly

"This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a little paranormal entertainment with their romance."
—Fresh Fiction

Sandy Blair, Romance, A Man in a Kilt, Castle Blackstone, Scottish Highlands, Paranormal, Time Travel
This book is one of the best fleshed-out and well-plotted paranormal historical romances I've read. Ms. Blair has a flair for writing witty language and sexy characters. I highly recommend this book.

"A MAN IN A KILT plunges you into the life of Katherine Elizabeth "Beth"
Pudding. Beth is a quirky character who will keep you laughing while you cheer her on. At times you will sigh in envy as you wish for a handsome rogue to call your own, and Duncan is a sexy hero well worth sighing for.
The story is fast paced and will keep you turning the pages wanting more.
This is a terrific debut novel from first time author Sandy Blair."

"Author Sandy Blair combines a touch of humor with interesting historical detail in an enjoyable ghost/time-travel/historical. Whether as a ghost or a living man, Duncan makes a powerful and sexy hero, and spunky Beth's common sense and enterprising nature makes her an ideal mate. Fans of the Scottish historical are certain to enjoy this Romance Writers of Americas Golden Heart winner by first time author Blair"
Sandy Blair, A Rogue in a Kilt, Scottish Highlands, Romance, Books, Novels, Paranormal, Historical
From Romantic Times BOOKclub
"With a flair for merging the poignant and the humorous, Blair crafts a unique and utterly charming medieval love story. You'll fall in love with Angus and Birdi, whose frying-pan-into-the-fire adventures add more to an already enthralling romance. SENSUAL"

"I wiped a tear or two, laughed more than a little and felt warm and satisfied when the story ended."

"What a great story! This couple definitely captures your heart. Angus, although a tough guy, has a soft spot for the ones he cares about. And Birdi, having to deal with life on her own since such a young age, you can't help but want to protect her. I shed a lot of tears and only put the book down once"

From author NORA WILSON
"Reading a hot book. Just finished Sandy Blair's Rogue In a Kilt, and am considering asking my husband if he would mind answering to "Angus the Blood" for a while. :-) Seriously, get this book (and its predecessor, A Man in a Kilt). You'll be able to pat yourself on the back for catching this rising star at the very beginning of her career."
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"It was an enjoyable read. Good pacing. Had a lot of everything — great historical presence. Humorous. Exciting and an end I didn’t see coming."   ~Kate Wilson, Barnes & Noble

"Ms. Blair has penned this spell-binding story with loads of humor that will have you laughing out loud, erotic passion that will have you grabbing for the fan to cool off and a powerful love that will bring tears to your eyes."
~ Billie Jo Case, Romance Junkies

"With a magical blend of humor, passion, and adventure, A Thief in a Kilt is sure to steal hearts."
~New York Times bestselling author Lorraine Heath

"The solid mesh of real history with steamy romance definitely ads up to an exciting romance—possibly the strongest yet in Blair’s lineup."  ~author Rob Preece

"Sandy Blair’s A Thief In A Kilt is a wonderful romp through the Highlands of Scotland and London that will keep you laughing, keep you guessing, and keep you hot and bothered."
~Sandra Marlow, The Historical Romance Club

"Blair's attention to historical and regional detail supports a fine balance of action and romance, making this political potboiler a winning read."  ~Publishers Weekly