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Fall 2014/Winter 2015

Hello again!


We’ve had one seriously busy summer! We joined friends on a great 12 day Eastern Mediterranean cruise that started with two days in Rome, had a wonderful time with family and friends in Maine where our son Alex wed his beautiful Jenny, and then I was off to the 2014 RWA National Convention in San Antonio.

TALES FROM THE CAVES #5:  Fifty Shades of the Scot

He phoned from South Beach, Florida where he’s been working.

The Scot: “I finished that Grisham novel and needed another, so I walked ten blocks to the Barnes and Nobles down here on my lunch hour. Found one and as I was heading to check out I passed a table loaded with a book called Fifty Shades of Gray. I figured it had to be good given the number of books they had on display, so I picked that up as well.”

Me grinning: “Did you read the back blurb?”

The Scot: “Didn’t have time. Had to get back to work.”

Me: “Well, let me know what you think of it.”

The Scot: “Will do.”

The next night he called: “You know that Fifty Shades book I picked up?”

Me: “Yeah?”

The Scot: “It’s a Romance! Had I known that I never would have picked it up.”

Me: “Well, you read my stuff. Maybe you’ll like it.”

The next night he calls: “I swear to God if I read one more word about his long tapered fingers I’m throwing this damn book out the window.”

He brought the book home…for me, never having gotten past page 35.  :)


THE THIEF is here! Book #3 in the Castle Blackstone series is available in both e-book and in print. (It was originally published by Kensington under the title A Thief In a Kilt.)

And work continues on The Warrior. Spurred by reader mail asking to see more about Lady Beth's and Birdi’s lives/families, I’ve put my original Warrior manuscript under the bed and am currently writing what you’ve asked for. 


Congratulations to Carol L! She won the My Best Summer contest. Her prizes included 8 new releases including an autographed copy of THE THIEF, Scottish jams, and promotion goodies.

A new contest is now running on the Fan Club site.


I’m taking a break from travel until after the holidays in order to focus on The Warrior.

That’s it for now. I wish you all a safe and happy fall. And do try to contain yourselves when your children board the school buses. Seeing y’all doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy in the streets as the buses pull away really embarrasses them.  :)


Sandy and her Highlanders

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